Self Deprecating Humor


I am NOT a fan of self deprecating humor, firstly because the word “deprecating” reminds me of “depreciating”, and it’s embarrassing when I say I hate “self depreciating humor.” Secondly, because it pokes fun at my insecurities and flaws that I’m afraid of pointing out.

For example, people already know I’m tall without me having to point it out to them. It’s pretty obvious when they see me squatting down to get my photo ID taken. I know they know I’m tall because they call me when they don’t feel like looking for the stepping ladder. And when I cry because I got yelled at people say, “It’s raining.”  Not to mention I drive a Scion Xb. I make it look like a children’s toy. Maybe that’s why the cops have never given me a ticket. It’s either that or the gentle weeping, in which case they don’t say “it’s raining” because I’m sitting down.

What I mean is that If people want to laugh at my flaws that’s fine with me, but I’m not about to depreciate myself for their amusement.

In all honesty, I’m too insecure to practice self deprecating humor. I’ve tried pointing out my flaws for a laugh, but I always end up gently sobbing by myself later that evening. I understand that this article makes it seem like I do a lot of crying. I don’t have an answer for you on that one. And what’s wrong with crying a lot? If girls are allowed to cry whenever they want, so can I.  #Equality.

The point I want to make is that self deprecating humor is no joke. I won’t practice this, and neither should you. Besides, I have no reason to come up with insults about myself. I’m constantly receiving them from others.


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